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    WANTED: DJs - Apply within


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    WANTED: DJs - Apply within Empty WANTED: DJs - Apply within

    Post  Two-Bits on Wed Mar 18, 2009 3:41 am

    So you want to be a DJ, huh? Well we're looking for good talented DJs to join our team and help our station grow! But, there are some requirements, so here's the brass tax:

    1. You must be a regular of our home channel #FreedomRadio on the P2P-NET IRC network. This will require a minimum of 1 week in the channel, tuning in, and getting to know the other listeners and DJs.
    2. You must have a sizable music collection to keep things fresh. Only good songs, no crappy ones Smile
    3. You'll obviously need some DJ software. Most DJs use either Winamp or SAM Broadcaster, though any software that lets you broadcast music and your voice to a shoutcast stream will suffice.
    4. Taking live requests during peak hours is strongly encouraged, and as such, you'll need to be able to find and acquire any requested songs that you do not have.
    5. Your internet connection must be stable and sufficient to hold the stream (around 10kB upload) and still be able to find and download requests.
    6. You'll need a microphone, obviously. A headset is best.
    7. Personality! This is probably the most important requirement. You must have a friendly and likable personality on the air. No one wants to tune into a boring monotone DJ or a whiney piss and vinegar voice either. You'll need to check your drama at the door when you step up to the stream!

    Still think you've got what it takes? Reply below and let us know a little something about yourself, the sort of music you'd like to play, and a rough idea of what your schedule would be.

    You can also ask to speak to an admin on IRC and we'll help set you up on the test stream to work out the bugs. If all goes well, you'll be initiated as a Trial DJ for a period of 2 weeks. After your 2 weeks, the DJs will vote and decide your fate... GOOD LUCK!

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    WANTED: DJs - Apply within Empty Re: WANTED: DJs - Apply within

    Post  sladigar on Wed Jun 03, 2009 12:20 am

    I think it'd be pretty sweet to DJ for you guys. 6500 songs and counting, literally a mix of just about everything. Hope to hear from ya soon!

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